The People's Tournament

 "One of New England's Premier Bowling Tournaments"


December 10-11, 2016

     $1,250.00 First Place

     $625.00 Second Place

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Updated 1/6/2016

TOURNAMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS (2016-2017 Season) (Version 2) (95% of 230)



Qualifying is open to all adult sanctioned league bowlers. A Photo ID is required on-site for proof of identification.



Averages. All Members must use their highest average from the prior 2 seasons (2014-2015 and 2015-2016) with 36 or more games. If there is not an established average from these two seasons, the bowler must bowl scratch. If a bowler is reporting an average from a Sport Shot, a WTBA oil pattern, or any other altered oil patterns similar to a Sport Shot, or PBA Experience Shot, this fact must be clearly indicated on his/her entry form and mentioned to the Tournament Director so that he can make the necessary adjustment to the average. It is necessary to disclose on the Entry Form for any People’s Tournament whether you have a Sport Shot, any other altered oil patterns similar to a Sport Shot, or a WTBA oil pattern, if the sport league where you participate is duly registered with the USBC. All bowlers who have bowled in at least 1 prior tournament in The People’s Tournament (TPT) will be considered Full Members, and Full Members will pay the Members Only entry fee. If this is your first tournament with The People’s Tournament, you are considered a New Member and will have to pay the New Member’s entry fee. Any average falsification by a bowler will result in an automatic FORFEITURE OF ALL PRIZE MONEY (including Places, Side Pools, Brackets, Eliminator, and other cash specials) by that bowler and disqualification from that particular tournament. Summer averages and Junior league averages are included in the average verification process. Since averages will be checked on site, All Members (New & Full) winning a cash prize, will be paid on-site.



Side Pools, Brackets, and Scratch Eliminator. All Bowlers in The People’s Tournament will be paid on site for the Side Pools, Brackets, and Scratch Eliminator.



PBA Rule. PBA members are not allowed to participate in this competition. The People’s Tournament is an amateur competition and therefore restrict the following: Members of any Professional Bowling Association; PBA Women’s Series; any National or International Team Members; former PBA members whose memberships have not terminated more than three years prior to time of entry; anyone who has won a PBA Tour national title in the past 10 years. All current members of The People’s Tournament are “grandfathered” in, and therefore this PBA Rule does not apply unless they win a PBA Tour national title.



Re-rating. The management has the right to re-rate, reject, or reclassify any entry without penalty prior to the
time of actual participation in each separate event, or prior to the start of any round within an event. 



Handicap. Handicap will be based on 95% of 230 with a maximum handicap of 80 pins per game. There is
no average cap



Prize Payout. The Prize Payout is GUARANTEED!



Qualification. There will be 4 Squads of qualification during the Peak Season. We may implement more
squads for Special Tournaments. These squad times may vary so they will be posted on the website, posters,
and flyers for the upcoming tournament. For each Qualification Round, bowlers will be bowling 3 games
across 6 lanes. The top 32 series from all of the combined squads will advance to the Roll-Offs. We will have
32 bowlers who will advance to the Roll-Offs. Significantly more than 150 entries could yield 48 or even 64
bowlers advancing to the Roll-offs. These individuals making it to the Roll-offs will be classified as our
Qualifiers. Peak Season and Special Tournaments will always yield 32 or more qualifiers, regardless of the
number of entries.



Re-Entry. All individuals who want to re-enter must sign up on the Re-entry list. First-time entrants have priority over re-entries, and re-entries will be taken if space is available according to the Re-entry list. The re-entry fee is the same as the mail-in fee.



Roll-offs. The Roll-offs will begin shortly after the last squad of the Qualification Round on Sunday.
The Qualifiers will advance to the roll-offs. The Qualifiers will all receive cash prizes. The bowlers with the same, or nearly the same, average will bowl in head-to-head competition against each other. These matches are one round elimination, meaning bowlers are eliminated after one loss and the winners advance to the next round. This format continues until only one bowler remains as The People’s Tournament Champion.



Ties. In the event of a tie in any round, the bowlers will bowl an 8th, 9th and 10th frame bowl-off (with 30% of their handicap) to break the tie.



Forfeit. Participants unable to continue competition will forfeit that round and their opponent will advance.



TD Strike Jackpot. All bowlers in The People’s Tournament, can participate in the Tournament Director’s (TD) Strike Jackpot. During the Regular Season, bowlers will be considered for the TD Strike Jackpot only during the 1st Squad on Sunday. During the Peak Season, bowlers will be considered for the TD Strike Jackpot during all squads on Saturday and Sunday. Bowlers must bowl a specific number of consecutive strikes during the specified games of eligibility aforementioned, in order to win the Strike Jackpot. The consecutive strikes must start from the 1st frame and the number of strikes is based on the average chart below:













Number of Consecutive Strikes

(Starting w/1st Frame)





















If you get the required strikes for your average, you will be awarded the Strike Jackpot money. If the Strike Jackpot is not hit, the money will rollover to the next time that the tournament takes place in which the Tournament Director will add another $100.00. The money will continually grow in the same increment until someone hits the Jackpot. The maximum for the Strike Jackpot will be $1,000.00. The Tournament Director may add more money to the Strike jackpot during Special Tournaments. If there are multiple winners during the same squad, the money will be divided evenly amongst the winners of that particular squad and then the Strike Jackpot prize will be reset to $100.00 for the next tournament. There is no extra fee involved, and everyone meeting the above criteria will be considered. All strikes will be verified against the computer system and “corrected” strikes are not valid unless corrected by a tournament official. A tournament official must view the last strike attempt.



Mail-in Entries. In order to save time in processing administrative paperwork on the day of the tournament, the Tournament Director is offering a lower Entry Fee for those who mail in their Entry Form and Fee before the day of the tournament. Taking advantage of this opportunity will not only save you money, but also save everyone a lot of time on the day of the tournament.



In a promotional effort for the tournament, participants’ tournament information (name, average, scores, photos, etc.) may be used through a variety of different advertisements for the tournament.



All necessary tax forms will be produced by the Tournament Director and mailed to those members having an aggregate total of $600.00 or more for the year in Prize Money (including Places, Side Pools, Brackets, Eliminator, and other cash specials).



The Tournament Director has the right to make any changes to the information aforementioned with the best interest of the tournament in mind.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Tournament Director (Sherman Cowan) at: 781-283-4008.